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reppin' HPs since '98

*g* of course it's tara reviving this thing.

hot damn! i haven't thought of harry potter much until this month. i thought it would feel as though i had nothing more to do with harry potter once i finished the last book, but nope D:

i saw the fifth movie on the 15th, in IMAX! they had a raffle and i won a Dumbledore's Army hat. some guy also gave me a small poster. good times. the movie was good & bad at the same time. i think someone is bound to know what i mean. the 3D finale was awesome though. not too in-your-face or anything. i'm not really good with movie reviews so go see it yourself if you haven't already.

soooo, thoughts on deathly hallows? i won't spoil anything, but the ending sucked. otherwise, i think it was my favorite book. i'd love to talk more about it if anyone's willing to talk to me :]

i want to know what's up with you guys if you do read this. how's college? how's your summer goin'? care about HP anymore?

anyone married yet? pregnant? lmao, i'm just kidding. but damn once i got rid of AIM i kind of got rid of all ties to everyone as well. i think i was annoying anyway. also i am not in on the myspace/facebook thing so don't ask me D:

i'll comment this entry myself so it looks like we made some progress here :P
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