r a c h e l lynn (prettyinsomniac) wrote in wings_of_luv,
r a c h e l lynn


LMAO. okay, so, I was going through all these programs and crap that I have on my laptop, trying to get rid of them for extra space. Lo and behold, here's the palace and I could have SWORN I uninstalled it from both computers a year ago.

so I get on thinking HP's been down for the past year+ & what are the fucking chances of it being up?

most awkward thing ever. apparently they restarted the mutant.net servers and I was Member 1 at HP's.

even more awkward?

I'm still blessed with uh, owner things or whatever.
(it's more sad that I remembered the password, though)

some fun things to note:

there are still props in the staff rooms AND in some dorms
house points: gryffindor is winning with 40, ravenclaw has 10, hufflepuff has 5 (i'm going to change it to a very, very long number), and slytherin has 0
most of the avs in the prop rooms work, kinda
the lake is still named layke, lmfao

so uh i might actually keep this on my laptop for a little while longer :3
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